sems_tebrizi_mevlana_celaleddin_rumi_2The Gnostic (Arif) as Witness

An excerpt from a talk to be given by Shaikh Kabir in Ankara and Konya during Sheb-i Arus, December, 2016.

. . .This orphan placed all his hope in something hidden from the people around him, unknown to his society. In the dark night of this world, where the Sun of Reality is hidden behind the clouds of human ignorance, Muhammad’s eyes were focused on the Divine. His single-minded search for Reality awakened a response from that Reality and the angel of revelation descended upon him and taught him to perceive all the levels of consciousness, all the stations a human being must pass through to reach nearness to Reality. Finally, because his eye did not swerve, and his tongue did not lie, God named him the Witness. Many in this world pretend to know, but their testimony is false or only half true. The Witness whose vision is not distorted by tribe, or lineage, or personal desire, can be trusted with the message of Truth.

The Messenger brings a teaching of how to untie the knots that bind us to what is false, trivial, and destructive. The Messenger brings the remedy for ailing hearts. When hearts are restored to health they can be filled with light. God has not created anything more amazing than the enlightened heart which reveals the Spirit of the Human. Such a human being becomes the beloved of God and is watched over by the Divine. The whole phenomenal world then becomes the theater of manifestation for the pleasure of God’s beloved. And God says, “If not for you I would not have created the universe.”

The purpose and destiny of all existence is marifah, the knowingness of the true knower. Muhammad became that Arif who in humility would say, “O Lord, increase me in knowledge, deliver me from all indignities, and after bringing me near to You do not distance me from Your presence.”