The Coherence of Our Souls

~ Shaikh Kabir Helminski The Essence of Our Practice We place a great emphasis on being—the quality of attention and presence that we practice. Being is our capacity to be awake with full attention and an open heart. Being is also the source of coherence. Being is our capacity to connect the transcendent with the [...]

Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir, Ya Wadud, Ya Hakim

Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir, Ya Wadud, Ya Hakim O You Who Compel Us towards ultimate greatness, You Who Are Supreme in knowing and love, You knit us together by bone and by vibration, restoring hearts and limbs that have been wounded. Sometimes we trip, and fall in our wanderings— bring us home to Your Love. [...]

Ya Sami, Ya Basir

Ya Sami, Ya Basir Ahh! The moon is full! No wonder I can’t sleep. Thank You for bringing me out into its radiance. The cicadas drone in celebration, and tree frogs “ribbit” in response. Vibration pulses everywhere, in light, in sound, in hearts. This week I learned it really matters who tunes your piano, what [...]

Sacred Earth, Sacred Self

Writing in the Times of India for Earth Day, Shaikh Kabir explores how to experience the Self in harmony with the magnetic field of Mother Earth. Download the full article...

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