Threshold Society, Kabir and Camille, have offered a number of eCourses with Spirituality & Practice which can still be taken. These courses offer daily emails with selections and commentaries to guide you through a reflective process lasting between 30-49 days, depending on the course. Camille’s course on the 99 Names, for instance, contains a series of videos, while “Rumi – Living a Spiritual Life” also includes sound files of the selections read by Camille or Kabir.

Note: If you have already taken an e-course, you can’t order again. That’s because you already have a full archive of the course in your account at Spirituality & Practice. You can read the sessions online or have them
resent to you.

The charge for the archived course is less and the major difference between the original live course and these archived versions is that there is not a daily, live “practice circle” of comments.


Ninety-Nine Names of God by Camille Adams Helminski & Daniel Thomas Dyer

The Compassionate (ar-Rahman), the All-Seeing (al-Basir), the Manifest (az-Zahir). These are but three of the 99 Qualities or “Names” of God intrinsic to the Islamic tradition. This e-course, open to people of all backgrounds, explores the interplay of the Names in our lives and leads us on a journey of discovery and renewal. The Names serve as a doorway to self-knowledge and intimacy with our Sustainer. Focusing on the Names can provide substantial nourishment in realms of heart and soul. Anyone who engages with them in yearning finds a pathway to a deeper connection with Enlivening Spirit. Details here.

wisdom-stories-sideWisdom Stories from the Sufi Tradition by Kabir Helminski

Unbounded wisdom that would take countless pages to begin to explain can be swiftly and deftly transmitted through a story. Sufis have long known this, developing a rich history of storytelling as a way to teach and guide. This e-course provides an opportunity for you to listen to and soak up this wisdom. It is designed for people of all spiritual traditions and those who do not affiliate themselves with any tradition. Details here.


remembrance-sideRemembrance – The Spiritual Practice of Zhikr by Kabir Helminski

Remembrance is a step further than presence: an awareness of divine presence through the knowing of the heart. It is a qualitative deepening of personal presence that results in a continuous awareness of divine support and guidance. In this eCourse Kabir uses audio recordings with representative zhikrs to convey both the knowledge and the “state” of remembrance. He draws upon the primary sources of the Sufi tradition that beautifully express this dimension of human experience, especially Rumi, Ibn Arabi, and other great Sufis. Details here.


presence-side1Presence – Relationship with Divine Love with Kabir Helminski

An e-retreat on how presence enables us to enter a more conscious relationship with Divine Love. This conscious awareness also allows our thoughts, feelings, and actions to be known, developed, and harmonized. Drawing upon fourteen centuries of Sufi wisdom, Kabir Helminski will present presence practices that are universally relevant across spiritual traditions. Email lessons include links to recordings of instructions for developing presence in your everyday life. Details here.


essence-of-the-quran-sideThe Essence of the Qur’an

Islamic scholars Shaikh Kabir Helminski and Jeremy Henzell-Thomas offer 30 meditations from the Qur’an, revealing the universal spiritual principles that can guide and strengthen our hearts — whatever path we follow. Commentaries and suggestions for reflection encourage you to explore how the message from the Qur’an resonates with your life. Details here.


journey-of-the-soul-side1The Journey of the Soul in the Teachings of Rumi

Explores seven themes of the spiritual journey: The Call, Seeking, Mercy, Purity of Heart, Trust, Surrender in Love, and Oneness of Being. Led by a group of practicing Sufis who have been on Rumi’s path under the direction of Kabir and Camille Helminski, the course consists of emails with reflections and samples of Rumi’s poetry. Details here.


rumi-living-a-spiritual-life-sideRumi – Living a Spiritual Life

Designed as a four-week daily e-course, covers the coherent and universal spiritual teaching that underlies the unforgettable images and metaphors in Rumi’s poetry. Led by Kabir and Camille Helminski, who have been on Rumi’s path for 35 years, the course consists of emails presenting gems from Rumi plus commentaries and insights by Kabir and Camille. Audio clips with Kabir and Camille reciting the selections and four longer meditations by Camille give you another way of experiencing the poetry and Rumi’s teachings. Details here.


wisdom-of-muhammad-sideThe Wisdom of Muhammad with Camille and Kabir Helminski

A retreat on the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad, whose life and teaching is a significant part of the spiritual legacy of humanity and whose character continues to influence the behavior of 1.5 billion human beings today. Whatever our path or religion, we can learn something from Muhammad about what it means to be a deeply spiritual being while engaged in family and community life. The e-course includes four meditations by Camille Helminski and 28 emails providing a Hadith (a wisdom saying of Muhammad) for reflection with a brief commentary and a suggested practice for the day. Details here.


Other Courses

The Journey of the Seeker

The 99 Day Program