An introduction to Sufism and spiritual psychology, developed by Shaikh Kabir Helminski in the form of a 99 Day Program, providing a structure for spiritual practice through study, awareness activities, and correspondence with a mentor.

The Ninety-Nine Day Program is available as a PDF download, or as a three-ring binder.

We suggest a donation of $150 for the program itself, which includes the mentor evaluation and correspondence during the program. The PDF version incurs no additional shipping charges. (There will be a shipping charge for the three-ring binder version.)

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So far, more than one thousand people have worked with this program and it is being periodically refined. The Ninety-Nine Day Program seems to be answering a real need. It has been used by a political prisoner under the harsh conditions of solitary confinement, by a Catholic nun in a Third World country, by people who have lived up to twenty-five years with the Work, by Buddhist monks, and by people with no formal spiritual training, all with positive results.

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