The Ninety Nine Day Program

Responses from Participants


“WHAT AMAZES ME is how these practices are alive!”

“I appreciate very much the structure of this program and the guidance you provide. There is a profound continuity in the sequence of study, reflection, activity, and practice.”

“What I’ve learned is a way of looking at and experiencing life that is whole and complete. That there is Presence, and every action can be taken in the light of that Presence.”

“I’ve become kinder and more compassionate to myself and others.”

“For me, the practicality of the program is its usefulness. It works: it allows the individual to make a connection and instills the wish to continue with the Work.”

“I’ve done so much work in Gurdjieff, in Sufism, in therapy. This program was what brought it all together in a meaningful whole.”

“I have seen the conditioned person who is at the center of ‘my’ universe. I have learned a new language, whereas before I used to be at a loss to express my feelings. It was Rumi who led me to write to you, and after going through this program, Mevlâna’s poetry has taken on a new dimension.”

“I have never been a physically demonstrative person, but now I find myself hugging people! I feel closer to God. I can now see myself in a new light, the whole area of forgiveness was something that I would never have contemplated on my own.”

“So much has been written about how we might reach our full potential, yet your expression of that is truly inspirational for me.”

“The gentleness of the Mevlevi Way has provided the necessary encouragement to begin to know myself and what could be.”

99 Day Program