Moments with the Names

(Excerpts from Ninety-Nine Names of the Beloved, Intimations of the Beauty and Power of the Divine)
Offered by Camille A. Helminski

We offer these reflections on the “Ninety-Nine Names of God,” traditional to Islam and the Qur’anic revelation, to support the increased opening of our awareness to all the Generosity and Loving-Kindness of the Divine Bestowal. The Divine is so generous with the qualities of Being that in any moment they may be perceived in new ways, in varied intermingled resonances, with different hues, to touch our hearts and minds and souls and bodies, and awaken us in awe. Inshallah, more windows and doors might open everyday for us to witness the Beauty and Magnificence of this Creation, both outwardly and inwardly, bestowed by that One who continually sustains us in every moment, with such an immense outpouring and in-pouring of Love. Subhanallah, Ya Rabbil al Ameen! Glory be to God, the Sustainer of all worlds!

“I was a Hidden Treasure, and I so loved to be known that I created
the two worlds, seen and Unseen, in order that My Treasure of Generosity
and Loving-Kindness might be known.”

     ~ Hadith Qudsi (A communication from the Divine, conveyed through the
heart of the Prophet Muhammad, beyond the frame of the Qur’an)

Ya Rahman, O Infinitely Compassionate One, Ya Rahim, O Infinitely Merciful One
“Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Wadud”

Ya Malik, O Sovereign
“Ya Malik, Ya Quddus”

Ya Quddus, O Most Holy and Pure, Ya Wadud, O You Who Are Infinitely Loving
“Ya Quddus, Ya Wadud, Ya Hadi, Ya Wakil”

Ya Salam, O You Who Are Peace, Ya Mumin, O Inspirer and Preserver of Faith,
Ya Muhaymin, O You in Whom We Are Secure
“Ya Salam, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin”

Ya Jabbar, O You Who Compel, Who Knit Bones Together,
Ya Mutakabbir, O You Who Are Supreme
“Ya Jabbar, Ya Mutakabbir, Ya Wadud, Ya Hakim”

Ya Alim, O All-Knowing One, Ya Fattah, O You Who Open
“Ya Alim, Ya Fattah, Ya Rahman”

Ya Khafid, O You Who Bring Us Low, Ya Rafi, O You Who Exalt us
“Ya Khafid, Ya Rafi, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim”

Ya Mu’izz, O You Who Raise us High in Honor,
Al Mudhill, the One Who Abases as Is Needed
“Ya Mu‘izz, Al Mudhill”

Ya Sami, O All-Hearing One, Ya Basir, O All-Seeing One
“Ya Sami, Ya Basir”

Al Azim, The Most Magnificent
“Al Azim, Ya Aziz, Ya Hakim, Ya Wadud”

Ya Shakur, O You Who Instill Us with Gratitude
“Ya Shakur, Ya Wahhab, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim”

Ya ‘Ali, O Most Sublimely High, Ya Mut‘ali, O Most Exalted Essence
“Ya ‘Ali, Ya Mut‘ali”

Ya Raqib, O You Who Keep Watch Over All, Ya Mujib, O You Who Respond to Prayer,
Ya Karim, O Most Generous
“Ya Raqib, Ya Mujib, Ya Karim”

Ya Wasi, O You Who Are Infinite, All-Encompassing
“Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim”

Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One
“Ya Wadud, Ya Wali, Ya Wakil”

Ya Majīd, O Sublimely Majestic One
“Ya Majīd, Ya Fattah, Ya Wadud, Ya Rahim”

Ya Haqq, O Truth, Ya Batin, O Most Hidden, Az Zahir, The Most Manifest
“Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, az Zahir”

Al Matin, The One Who Is Ever Steadfast, Everlastingly Strong
“Ya Matin, Ya Badi”

Ya Ahad, O You Who Join Us all in Oneness, Ya Wahid, The Unique, Only One,
Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One
“Ya Ahad, Ya Wahid, Ya Wadud”

Al Qadir, The Pourer of Power,
Al Muqtadir, The Supremely Powerful Determiner of Existence
“Ya Qadir, Ya Muqtadir, Ya Adl”

Ya Walī, O Friend and Protector, Ya Hafiz, O Preserver and Protector
“Ya Walī, Ya Hafiz, Ya Nasir”

Ya Tawwab, O You Who Turn Us in Repentance and Accept Our Repentance,
Ya Wajid, O You Who Find us
“Ya Tawwab, Ya Wajid”

Ya Ghani, Ya Mughni, O You who are Rich, O Enricher of us all
“Ya Ghani, Ya Mughni”

Ya Nur, O You Who Are Light
“Ya Nur ala Nur”

Al Badi, The Skilful Creator, Originator
“Ya Badi, Ya Qawi, Ya Rahman”

Ya Rashid, O Most Righteous Teacher
“Ya Rashid”

Ya Sabur, The Most Patient
“Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud”