Ya Khafid, Ya Rafi, Ya Wadud, Ya Karim

O You who bring us low,
that You might exalt us within You—
when we are exalted in this world,
there is a danger—
our self-consciousness may increase,
and we may lose
the palpable sense of Your Presence
that inundates us
when we are near,
bowing in prostration
before Your Face.
Sometimes we need
to find You,
who have never left us—
it is only we who may have left You,
but only ever for a moment,
for with each breath
we are returned—
though our minds
may not yet perceive it.
Your Graciousness is so vast,
You would never turn away—
You who are the very fabric of our being,
the pulsing of our day
and night,
bright with Your Loving,
through the stars
that light our way—
Your friends are always smiling
for they know the secret
of Your Ever-Present Joy
that exalts us,
from even the darkest space
we may traverse,
ringing, resounding with Your Names
dancing in our hearts,
throughout eternity.
Every morning we are Home.
Ya Khafid, ar Rafi,
Ya Wadud, al Karim.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Khafid, ar Rafi, You Who Bring Low, The Exalter,
Ya Wadud, al Karim, You Who Are So Completely Loving and Infinitely Generous.