Ya Sabur, Ya Hamid, Ya Salam, Ya Haqq, Ya Wadud

It is a golden time
when Your Sabr
is shining.
We wait,
knowing time
is passing,
with the Decree
of God,
and yet yearning…
You bring us
a tunnel of Love,
when first we are birthed,
and in this life of longing
we traverse
and pass through
hidden passages
among the rocks,
treacherous turnings,
and open plains,
upon whose lap
we can see the sky
and rest awhile
among Your Stars.
Long journeys,
and sometimes short—
You guard us;
from Your Beneficence
we learn to trust
in Your Munificence
and the beam of Love
that pulls us
ever nearer
to our Home—
the abode where angels
welcome travelers
through every gate
of the City of Love;
for those who patiently persevere—
for them is forgiveness
and a great reward—
the Garden
where birds of grace
are always singing,
praising You,
and radiating
of Peace,
amid the Greenness
that renews and restores
while the dust of the journey
is washed away
with clean water
from sparkling springs,
and we can see that You and the Garden
have always been with us,
for God is with
those who patiently
who gift again
the graces
and bow their heads
in prayer.
You alone
do we ask for help.
You who Love to love,
and restore
all things
to Truth.
Ya Haqq,
Ya Wali,
Ya Wadud.

~ Camille A. Helminski, 2017

Ya Sabur, O Most Patient,
Ya Hamid, O Most Praiseworthy,
Ya Salam, O You Who Are Peace,
Ya Haqq, O Truth,
Ya Wali, O Friend and Protector,
Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One

O you who have attained to faith!
Seek help through steadfast patience and prayer:
for observe, God is with those who patiently persevere.


To bear yourselves with patience is indeed far better for those who are patient in adversity.
Then endure with patience, always remembering that your patience is from God. . . .
For, truly, God is with those who are conscious of Him/Her and are doers of the good.


Upon those will be garments of green silk and brocade; and they will be adorned with bracelets of silver.
And their Sustainer will give them to drink of a drink most pure.
“Truly, all this is your recompense, since your endeavor has met with Goodly acceptance!”


Those who patiently persevere and do good deeds;
for them is forgiveness and a great reward.


In the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate and Most Merciful
Consider time . . . .
Truly, human beings are in loss
except those who have faith and do righteous deeds
and encourage each other in the teaching of Truth
and of patient perseverance.

[103:1-3 complete]

Only they who are endowed with insight keep this in mind,
those who are true to their bond with God
and do not break their covenant;
those who keep together what God has commanded to be joined,
and stand in awe of their Sustainer and the awesome reckoning to come;
those who patiently persevere seeking the Face of their Sustainer,
and are constant in prayer, who distribute secretly and openly
from what We have given them for their sustenance,
and turn away evil with good:
for these is the fulfillment of the ultimate Abode—
gardens of endless bliss—which they shall enter
together with the righteous among their parents,
their spouses, and their offspring,
and angels shall greet them from every gate:
“Peace be with you for having patiently persevered!
Then how excellent is the final dwelling-place!”