Ya Salam, Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin

O You Who Are Eternal
and Ever Present Peace,
renew us with Your breath breathing us,
that restores, that harmonizes
all the parts of our being,
that we might see afresh,
Ya Mumin, Ya Muhaymin,
O You Who Are the Inspirer
and Preserver of Faith,
the True Means of Our Security.
Continually, You invite us
into the abode of Peace,
through the doorway
of Your awareness
with such care of every aspect
of our being and that of every creature
on the earth, in the sky and the seas,
and, far beyond our sight,
inward and outward,
all that which is hidden.
Ya Salam, with Your Peace
You protect us,
and in collaboration
we find new words to express
our love for each other and for You
who are the Source of our existence.
Alphabets emerge
of movement and of voice.
With new characters of expression,
we rejoice to find expanded meaning
dancing through the realms.
May we not limit ourselves
with blindered vision,
for You are everywhere.
Ya Khabir,
peace comes through recognition,
when each soul is seen,
Ya Basir.
It is then we are secure
in faith, in trust
in Your bestowal
through each and every thing
birthed into being,
even stones
which are so ancient, anchoring
our earth
and speaking
to those who have hearts to hear.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

It is said that the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him,
even before the opening of his prophethood, would hear stones speaking.

Ya Salam, O You Who Are Eternal and Ever Present Peace,
Ya Mumin, O You Who Are the Inspirer and Preserver of Faith,
Ya Muhaymin, O You Who Are the True Means of Our Security,
Ya Samad, O Eternal Self-Subsisting Source of Our Existence, Satisfier of Need,
Ya Khabir, O You Who Are All-Aware,
Ya Basir, O You Who Are All-Seeing,
Ya Sami, O You Who Are All-Hearing