Ya Mu‘izz, Al Mudhill

You exalt us
to the stars
that we might know
before Your Power
and Your Beauty.
Before the glory
of Your Beingness,
and breathing
through these hearts,
and every smallest particle
of earthliness
and stars
so far beyond our sight,
we weep
and kneel.
we are but a mud-hill
in comparison
to Your Capacity
for Creation,
for Enlivening,
and yet,
this lump of clay
can speak,
and can hear Your Voice
so intimately
within each cell
as it is awakened
to the Power of Your Love
that calls us all
into Glory
and raises us
up in Your Heart
of hearts—
You Who do us the Honor
of calling our name
and bringing us
close to You,
even while still
in this frame
of watery earth
by Your Knowing
and Your Breath.
O Hidden Treasure
within everything
that is, Whose Truth
becomes more and more
for eyes
that begin to see,
Ya Muzhill,
Ya Mu‘izz,
we honor and praise You
Who have Loved
us all
into being.
Ya Rabbil al Ameen.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Mu‘izz, O You Who Raise us High in Honor,
Al Muzhill, the One Who Abases as Is Needed, that We Might Know Your Face Within,
Ya Alim, O You Who Know All, That Which Is Manifest and That Which Is Hidden,
Ya Wadud , O You Who Love So Infinitely,
Subhanallah! Ya Rabbil al Ameen, Glory be to You, Sustainer of All Worlds

Say: “O God, Lord of all dominion! You grant dominion unto whom You will, and take away dominion
from whom You will; and You exalt whom You will, and abase whom You will.
In Your Hand is all good. Truly, You have the power to will anything.