Ya Ahad, Ya Wahid, Ya Wadud

O You Who Hear and Understand All Tongues
forgive us,
for all the moments of misspeaking,
for taking another’s name in vain,
for riling defenses.
You have told us
to speak only with the most beautiful urgings.
From the depths of our souls
we long to communicate
with You within each other,
for You are nowhere absent.
We know this to be true
when our hearts are awake:
I am with you.
Ever-Present Source
of our own meaning,
how can we deny
or turn away from anyone
who holds Your Precious Essence?
When we are shy or disgruntled,
help us to forget the self
that would separate,
for in You we know oneness.
Ya Ahad
(the Only One—al Wahid)
You Who Join Us All in Oneness,
al Wujud al Karim,
the Most Generous Bestower of Being,
We belong to You,
for we are of You,
and to You we shall return,
in every moment,
with every breath
passing through these hearts
You keep filling with Love,
Ya Wadud.
Even as light fills the sky
at dawn and darkness vanishes.
There are no corners to Your Loving.
Wash us clear with Your Love,
Ya Quddus, Ya Ahad, Ya Wadud.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Ahad, You Who Join Us All in Oneness
Ya Wahid, The Only One,
Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One,
Ya Sami, O All-Hearing One, You Who Understand All Tongues,
Ya Samad, Ever-Present and Eternal Source
al Wujud al Kerim, the Most Generous Bestower of Being,
Ya Quddus, O Most Holy and Pure

Say, “Hu is God, the One; God, Hu, the Eternal Source.
(Qul: Hu wallahu Ahad, Allahu Samad)
(Hu: the Divine Presence, far beyond any and all description
by which we might limit that Vast Oneness within which we all are.)

And Your God is the Only One—there is no divinity but “Hu”
who is the Infinitely Compassionate (ar-Rahman), the Infinitely Merciful (ar-Rahim).

Witness! Your Sustainer inspired the angels to convey His/Her message to the faithful:
“I am with you!”

Invite to the way of your Sustainer with wisdom and beautiful urging.

And to Him/Her will you all return. (wa ilayhi turjauun)

Ask forgiveness of your Sustainer and turn to Him/Her:
for truly, my Sustainer is Infinitely Merciful (ar-Rahim) and Infinitely Loving (al-Wadud).