Ya Wadud, Ya Wali, Ya Wakil

O Love,
You are watching
out for us,
holding our hand
when we are ill,
soothing our brow
when we are troubled,
bringing Peace
to our hearts
when we have struggled
in Your Way
and come
to know Your Presence
with us,
in love with us
so much,
that we have recognized
the Love in us
that seeds our being
and makes the clouds weep
to clear these hearts
and skies of Your heavens.
As with Solomon’s dove
beside the stair,
You are calling us;
and when we call,
You answer.
You have promised.
Our Beloved is here—
You are our Friend,
our Protector,
the Guardian of All Our Affairs,
the One
who sings
the songs of Resurrection,
restoring all to its deepest Beauty
in the Garden
of Your Eternal
and Everlasting
Ya Ahad,
Ya Ba‘ith,
Ya Mu‘id,
Ya Nur al Quddus,
Ya Baqi,
Ya Wali,
Ya Wakil,
Ya Wadud!

~ Camille A Helminski “Love’ville” 2017

Ya Ahad, O You Who Are One,
Ya Ba‘ith, O You Who Resurrect,
Ya Mu‘id, O You Who Restore,
Ya Nur al Quddus, O Light of the Most Holy and Pure,
Ya Baqi, O Everlasting, Abiding One,
Ya Wali, O Friend and Protector,
Ya Wakil, O Guardian of All Our Affairs,
Ya Wadud, O Infinite Love!

He/She loves them and they love Him/Her.
[5: 54]

Witness, Your Sustainer inspired the angels to convey His/Her message to the faithful, I am with you.

Call upon Me; I will answer.

Ask forgiveness of your Sustainer, and turn to Him/Her:
for truly, my Sustainer is Infinitely Merciful and Infinitely Loving.

Remember Me; I remember you.

And paradise will be brought near to the God-conscious,
no longer will it be distant: “This is what was promised for you—
to everyone who would turn to God and keep Him/Her always in remembrance—
who stood in awe of the Most Compassionate though unseen
and brought a heart turned in devotion to Him/Her;
Enter here in peace and security; this is the Day of eternal Life!”
There will be for them there all that they may wish and yet more in Our Presence.

God has promised the faithful, both men and women, gardens beneath which running waters flow,
there to abide and fair dwellings in gardens of enduring bliss;
but God’s good acceptance is the greatest bliss of all—for this is the ultimate success!

Truly, those who have faith and do rightful deeds of wholeness and reconciliation,
the Most Gracious will endow with Love.

And in heaven is your sustenance and all that which you are promised.
Then by the Sustainer of heaven and earth, this is the Truth—
as true as the fact that you are able to speak.

O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs,
let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice;
for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.
[The Bible, Song of Solomon, 2:14]