Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, Az Zahir

Newly awakened,
we witness Truth,
resplendent in the sunrise
and every color of the rainbow—
It fits itself into any shape
and walks around
to manifest relationship.
Interwoven, Truth to Truth
we realign our strands
of DNA, magnetized
in strength of You;
we know the Truth
when we see it,
when we hear it,
when we taste it
by heart,
and our soul’s thirst
is allayed
in that moment,
as we drink
and again open for another long sip,
and another . . . .
“The Prophet’s thirst
was never quenched.”
He kept calling to the Truth,
within each human being,
to emerge into the Light;
You keep nourishing us
through each other,
and every thing that is—
brilliant upon the horizon
and within our hearts—
nestled close beside You,
within You,
through You,
breath by Breath
poured out into this universe.
Ya Haqq, Ya Batin, az Zahir.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Haqq, O You Who Are Truth,
Ya Batin, O You Who Are Intimately Hidden,
Az Zahir, The One Who Is Most Clearly Manifest,
Ya Batin az Zahir, O You Who Are the Hidden of the Manifest

“We will show them our signs on the farthest horizons
and within themselves until they know the Truth.” ~ Hadith Qudsi

And He/She it is who has created the heavens and the earth in accordance with an inner Truth.