Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud, Ya Alim

O You Who Are Infinite, All-Encompassing
Your Heavens open
and we fall through—
into such vast expanses
we lose our bearings
and relinquish
all we are carrying
of injustices
and justices waiting
to be balanced
by Your Will.
We rest
in the upward draft
of Your breezes
bringing us near.
Wouldn’t we want
to let go of any ballast
holding us back?
Earth is beautiful
but complex in its relationship of elements;
let go into the air,
and freer still,
the ether,
beyond even the stars
that hold their places
through Your Command.
In one breath
we can traverse the galaxies.
There is no ceiling
to our knowing;
the way is open.
You have made us
in Your Image,
some would say—
in this inner vastness
our hearts and minds encompass,
though our frames be small.
And yet the very atoms
of our structure
disappear from sight
when scientists attempt
to measure
the range of our function.
Infinite universes within,
infinite universes without,
through the looking-glass
of You
we see stars
twinkling everywhere
as this semblance of self
within the fineness
of Your air breathing us,
Your breath being us,
just beside You,
in and out,
until this Vastness
is all there is.
La illaha il Allah!
Ya Wasi, Ya Wadud,
Ya Alim.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

La illaha il Allah! There is no reality but the Reality! Nothing truly exists but Divinity.
Ya Wasi, O You Who Are Infinite, All Encompassing,
Ya Wadud, O Most Loving One,
Ya Alim, O Knower of All.

Say: “Behold, all bounty is in the hand of God;
He/She grants it unto whom He/She wills:
for God is Infinite, All-Encompassing, All-knowing.