Ya Quddus, Ya Wadud, Ya Hadi, Ya Wakil

Paradise Island
is welcoming us,
beckoning, to come
abide in that Vastness,
beyond the travails
of the mainland,
across the waters of Your blessing—
where one does not grieve,
nor fear,
and gentle talk of Spirit
is all that comes to one’s ear.
And He has purchased
of the faithful
their lives and their possessions.
All we are is Yours.
If that is so,
how can we harbor anger?
Or jealousy?
Or pain?
When You would wash us
with Your waters
of Purity,
Ya Quddus—
You who are clear, Holy,
without guile—
melt all our misgivings
and turn these boats of self
into Your clear channel,
beyond the turbulence,
guiding us straight
into the Port
of Your Love.
Ya Wadud,
Ya Quddus,
Ya Hadi,
Ya Haqq, Ya Wakil.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One
Ya Quddus, O Most Pure and Holy
Ya Hadi, O Guide, Ya Haqq, O Truth, Ya Wakil, O Guardian of All Our Affairs

See how God has purchased of the faithful their lives and their possessions;
in return, theirs is the Garden, and so they struggle in God’s way.

Whatever is in the heavens and the earth declares the praises and glory of God,
the Sovereign, the Most Holy, the Exalted in Might, the Wise (Al Malik, Al Quddus, Al Aziz, Al Hakim).