Ya Matin, Ya Badi

Your Joy
is coming to the mountainside,
Ya Matin,
with every sunrise.
The breeze of dawn
kisses the shores
of Your hills,
and every day they display
Your Light,
and generous shadows,
in the folds of their skin
where rivers run
and waterfalls tumble
with Your Grace.
Anchoring our world,
they hold Firm in Your Power,
reaching to heaven
with their pyramidal peaks
peeking through
the veils of clouds
to know You
in intimate sky chambers.
As above,
so below.
Their feet, too,
know Your Presence
as deep veins connect
the core of Your Love’s traversal,
O Badi,
Most Skillful Creator!
Nightingales burst into song,
upon the trees that rise
so strongly into the fullness
of Your air.
With iron You fortify us
and strengthen our resolve
to see You
with gold You adorn us,
with Your Light You magnify us,
as we stand with the mountains
in the Glory of Your Dawn,
opening our arms
for Your Embrace,
Ya Wasi,
Ya Aziz,
Ya Wadud,
Ya Salaam.

~ Camille A. Helminski, “Love’ville,” 2017

Ya Matin, O You Who Are Ever Steadfast, Everlastingly Strong,
Ya Badi, O Skilful Creator,
Ya Wasi, O All Encompassing One,
Ya Aziz, O Almighty, Most Dear,
Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One,
Ya Salaam, O You Who Are Peace

And He/She has set upon the earth mountains standing firm
lest it should shake with you; and rivers and roads, that you may guide yourselves,
and signs and means of orientation; for by the stars men find their way.
Is then He/She Who creates like one who cannot create? Will you not listen to counsel?
If you were to count the favors of God never would you be able to compute them:
for God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

We have sent Our messengers with clear signs,
and through them We bestowed revelation and a balance
so that people might behave with justice;
and We sent down iron in which is awesome power
as well as many benefits for humankind,
that God might test who it is that will help unseen
Him/Her and His/Her messengers;
for truly, God is the Source of All Power, Almighty.

Be constant in your prayer
from the time when the sun has passed its zenith
until the darkness of night,
and always be mindful of its recitation at dawn:
for see how the recitation at dawn
is indeed witnessed by all that is holy.
And rise from your sleep and pray during part of the night,
as a free offering,
and your Sustainer may well raise you to a glorious station.