Ya Majīd, Ya Fattah, Ya Wadud, Ya Rahim

Ya Majīd,
every day You paint
the sky with glory,
and even with the autumn paling,
You descend the leaves
in armfuls of red and gold!
How could we not know
the Glory of Your Face,
Your signature upon our hearts,
Your writing on the hills,
when they bask in Your sun
and reveal the shadows of the clouds
in songs of light
echoing to our hearts
with the affirmation of the birds,
who glorify You every morning?
In sound and light
all of nature sings Your praises,
Ya Majīd,
and the stars and trees
bow down in love with You,
who have created all this panoply
of grace abounding
and draw the waters
even from the hardest rock,
that splits before Your Willing
of Generosity
and Kindness,
Ya Karim,
Ya Rauf.
May we learn
to allow
the hard shells to crack open,
and to know
that even in that pain
there is Mercy,
Great Mercy emerging through it,
with the pure water
that restores and nourishes,
for Your Glory is only ever manifested
from the root of Love,
“For I have willed upon Myself
the law of Compassion and Mercy,”
and “My Mercy overwhelms everything!”
Ya Majīd, Ya Fattah
Ya Wadud, Ya Rahim.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Majīd, O Sublimely Majestic One, Ya Fattah, O You Who Open the Way
Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One, Ya Rahim, O Infinitely Merciful
Ya Rahman, O Infinitely Compassionate,
Ya Karim, O Most Generous, Ya Rauf, O Most Kind

Before Him/Her prostrate the stars and the trees.

Your Sustainer has willed upon Himself/Herself the law of Compassion and Mercy.
[6: 54]

My Mercy overwhelms everything.

The grace of God and His/Her blessings be upon you, O people of this house!
Truly, ever to be praised, sublime is She/He!