Ya Tawwab, Ya Wajid

O You who turn us into repentance
that we might return to You
with clear hearts,
even as the muddy stream
releases its sediment
before it merges with the sea,
wash clear these hearts
that we might find You,
Ya Wajid.
Even the purest mountain stream
sometimes gathers sticks and straws,
pasture land run-off,
even snakes,
along its course.
Free us of the debris of our traversals
through the neighborhoods of life.
Clear our vision of the murky waters
of misplaced desires,
distractions, and dalliance—
that which holds us captive;
set us free
in Your Remembrance,
Ya Tawwab.

We turn around You
in continual tawaf,
circumambulating with the angels,
even as Adam in his regret,
to focus only on Your smile.
Yes, we are forgiven
when we ask it of You.
Yes, You turn us
step by step,
so that again we find
the Way Home,
and in that finding,
rejoice in Being One
again with You, Al Wujud.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Tawwab, O You Who Are Ever-Returning, Acceptor of Repentence,
Ya Wajid, O Finder, You Who Perceive Us and grant us being in Your Existence, the only
One Who Truly Exists, al-Wujud, that we might discover
al Tawhid al Wujud, the “Oneness of Being.”

Celebrate your Sustainer’s limitless glory, and praise Him/Her, and seek His/Her forgiveness:
for, behold, He/She is Ever an Acceptor of Repentance.
[Surah an Nasr 110:3]