Ya Alim, Ya Fattah, Ya Rahman, Ya Wadud

Ya Rahman,
so unlimited is Your Compassion
that every day You show us
ways we may fall short
and help us
to see
how to open
our hearts.
Ya Fattah,
You Who Open
the gateways of the Unseen,
with Your Knowledge
You comprehend
the best moment
for each unfolding, Ya Alim.
It is You who releases
the child from the womb,
You who open the door
into this world
and the way of our return.
You know what is in our hearts,
whether we speak
or we are silent.
The trees, with all their leaves,
have stories to tell
of all You have told them,
and deep within their roots
Your Knowledge
guides them
to find nourishment
through this earth,
that lends us all support.
O dear sweet Lord,
there is so much
for which to offer thanks!
How can we possibly encompass
all You would give,
unless we relinquish
this construct of “self,”
and, washed with the waters
of Your Knowing,
become completely Yours,
with open-heart,
poured out again
with, and by, Your Love.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Alim, O All-Knowing One, Ya Fattah, O You Who Open,
Ya Rahman, O Infinitely Compassionate One, Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One

If one does more good than he/she is bound to do, see how God is Responsive to Gratitude, All-Knowing.

Are you not aware that it is God whose limitless glory all creatures in the heavens and on earth praise,
even the birds as they outspread their wings? Indeed, each of them knows
how to pray to Him and glorify Him; and God has Full Knowledge of all that they do:
for God’s is the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth, and with God is all journeys’ end.