Ya Raqib, Ya Mujib, Ya Karim

a single cardinal
calling “Raqib”—
the Watcher
is always here—
holding us
with the Endless Generosity
of al Karim,
and the Continual Response to Prayer
of al Mujib.
Red in the sunrise,
warm in color
and in heart—
the Watcher is
caring for creation,
always attending
to our need,
Witness, al Shahid,
to all the unfoldings
of our lives,
and to Your own Magnificence
permeating every cell
and atom of existence.
Ya Raqib—
there is one within us, too,
Who Watch Over Our Hearts
and the function
of each organ
and how it does its part
to keep us moving
in the stream of Love,
flowing into Your Sea
where, as candles
set upon leaves,
we float
into Your Infinity,
an offering of beauty
You will never forget,
for You are the Watcher,
the One Who Responds to Our Prayer,
the Most Subtly and Overwhelmingly Generous,
Ya Karim, Ya Mujib, Ya Raqib.

~ Camille A. Helminski “Love’ville” 2016

Ya Raqib, O Watcher,
Ya Mujib, O You Who Respond to Prayer,
Ya Karim, O Most Generous One

O humankind, be conscious of Your Sustainer, who created you from a single soul,
and created out of it, its mate, and out of the two spread out countless men and women;
reverence God, in whose name you ask your mutual rights,
and (reverence) the wombs (that bore you);
for, truly, Allah ever watches over you.