Calligraphic falcon

(Lyrics suggested by Ibn Arabi)

Listen, dear one, My voice is within you.
I’ve called you so often and you have not heard me.

I am the will between the seen and the Unseen.
Through Me you find yourself, why do you flee Me?

Others love you for themselves, not who you really are.
Love Me, love Me alone, love yourself in Me.

I am the fragrance within every fragrance.
I am the savor within every savor.
You have not smelled Me and you have not tasted.

Let nothing possess you, nothing in any world.
Be Mine, be for Me, as you are in Me.

Dearly beloved, this way leads to union.
All separation dissolves like a shadow.

Let’s go hand in hand into the court of Truth.
Let Truth place its imprint on us forever.