Calligraphic pear

The drink sent down by unseen hands.
We drank our share, alhamdulillah!
The table set to welcome the guest,
has fed us too, alhamdulillah!

La illaha il’Allah, Allah
La illaha il’Allah
La illaha il’Allah, Allah
La illaha il’Allah

We once held tight and then let go.
We found our wings and flew together.
We made our peace among ourselves.
We disappeared, alhamdulillah!

We proudly wore our borrowed clothes
before we saw our naked secret.
We once were raw, without much taste.
We’re getting cooked, alhamdulillah!

One small drop, became a spring,
and now that spring is overflowing.
A clear stream floats into the sea,
and there we drown, alhamdulillah!

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