Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi Allah; 3Kon the

Asma al-Husna

The 99 Names of God


Just as a person is in relation to you a father
and in relation to another either son or brother —
So the names of God in their number have relations:
He is from the viewpoint of the infidel the Tyrant (qaher);
from our viewpoint, the Merciful.
Divan e-Kebir, tr. Annemarie Schimmel


With us, the name of everything is its outward appearance;
with the Creator, the name of each thing is its inward reality.
In the eye of Moses, the name of his rod was “staff”;
in the eye of the Creator, its name was “dragon.”
In brief, that which we are in the end
is our real name with God.
Mathnawi I:1239-40, 1244