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Jul 13-14: Aspen CO, USA. A Celebration of the InterSpiritual Legacy of Father Thomas Keating. More details.   (KC)

Aug 11: Eid al-Adha

Aug 23-26: Dorset, UK. Gaunts House Annual UK Retreat. More details.   (KC)

Aug 31: London, UK. Meditatio Centre: There Is More to Rumi Than People Imagine with Shaikh Kabir. Register here.   (K)

Oct 18-20: Kendal, UK. Rumi’s Circle/RAY Sacred Roots Retreat with Beth Hin and friends (more details soon).

Oct 23-27: San Jose CA, USA. SAND Conference (K)

Nov 2: San Diego CA, USA. Day retreat. More details.   (KC)

Jan/Feb 2020: Costa Rica Writer’s Retreat. More details.   (KC)

Apr 3-5: San Francisco, USA. Annual Retreat.   (KC)


Events with Kabir (KC) & Camille (C)