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Holistic Islam

I can easily imagine the criticism that will arise from the title Holistic Islam, the title of a book of ours that will likely be published in 2017. Some will accuse us of trying to adapt Islam to a fashionable trend of modern society. Some will say there is no need for any word in front of Islam because Islam is the true religion and there is nothing about Islam that needs to change.

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Love Letters to Muhammad (4 of 11)

I want to ask you about that strange, unsettling episode in your life I’ve only seen in the religious biographies – the story about your heart being taken out of your body. . .

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Leader of 1.3 Billion People Honors Sufism at World Sufi Forum

“Sufism reflected the universal human desire to go beyond the practice and precepts of religion for a deeper unity with the Almighty. And, in that spiritual and mystical enquiry, Sufis experienced the universal message of the Almighty: That perfection in human life is reflected in the qualities that are dear to God. That all are creations of God; and, that if we love God, we must also love all his creations. For the Sufis, therefore, service to God meant service to humanity."

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The Foundations of Heartfulness in Islam

The purpose of human life can be stated as: to attain the knowledge of Reality. Everything that is given to human beings through revelation is to guide us to knowing our true selves and through our selves to attain the knowledge of all the dimensions of reality. We are in the process of becoming the non-judging, objective witness, al Shahid. . .

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The Weapons of Beauty

Plenary talk by Shaikh Kabir at the Sufi World Forum in New Delhi, India, where he spoke about the weapons of beauty, friendship, music, poetry, and continual remembrance of Allah, and the urgent need to honor and empower women.

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Love Letters to Muhammad (3 of 11)

Would it surprise you to know that I wanted to be a nun when I was a little girl? Despite all the horror stories my mom told me about going to Catholic school in the 1940s, when nuns were remote authority figures at best and palm-whacking sadists at worst, I still found something intriguing and even beautiful about them. . .

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Love Letters to Muhammad (2 of 11)

Something you and I share in common is having two families. The circumstances are different, but somehow I feel that both of us came away with a similar sense of belonging everywhere and nowhere at once. . .

The Themes of 2015, A Retrospective (12/31/2015)

"The Themes of 2015, A Retrospective" is a sohbet on the themes of the last year, some core principles of Sufi practice, and the possibilities of conscious community.

December Theme: As Much As We Love (12/5/2015)

Reflections on this month’s theme, ‘The beauty of the human being is as much and as great as their love.’

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A Mirror, A Compass, A Touchstone.

The purpose and value, then, of Rumi’s wisdom at this defining moment of human civilization is to orient us toward that which is completely and essentially human at a time when we are in danger of forgetting the meaning and purpose of our humanness.