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Living Presence Audiobook

Narrated by Iman Mortagy

Divine Breathings

This is a section of the Mathnawi [Book I: 1951… ] that we are reflecting on in relation to our theme for January: “In these days the breathings of God prevail…” This is a beautiful and profound passage about the inter-relationship of breath, body, and soul (Jan in Persian).

Imam Ali’s Letter to Malik Ashtar

This script reads: "Ali Ibn Abi Talib, radiya' llah Ta'aala anhu wa-Karrama wajhahu." (Ali Bin Abi Talib, may God Almighty be pleased with him and honor him.) The script is Tawqi', structured into the shape of a lion. Imam Ali’s famous letter of advice while Caliph, to the Governor of Egypt, Malik Ashtar, which is [...]

In the House of Remembering

These illuminating discourses, covering a wealth of themes relating to the inner life, open an accessible and refreshing window to the mature practical spirituality within the living tradition of Sufism.

Special Book Offer

Choose among these classics from Threshold Books.  “Threshold Books COVID-19 Care Package” (USA shipping only)  Choose any three items from this list of paperback books and CD’s and receive all three at the discounted price of $25 including shipping (US only). Or choose one hardcover book and two of any of the others for $30 [...]

Some Considerations During a Threshold Retreat

In the Name of God, the Compassionate and Merciful Say: “I counsel you one thing only: Be ever conscious of standing before God, whether you are in the company of others or alone...” Surah Saba 34:46 In order that we may create the most beneficial environment for our retreat experience:      We wish to establish [...]

The Way of the Dervish

  A dervish is an apprentice, one who is learning the profession that will provide eternal livelihood. This profession is still taught in certain "schools of higher learning." While there are many skills that can be self-taught or learned alone, the skills of dervishood are learned by being in relationship to a shaikh, or guide, [...]

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