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A Mirror, A Compass, A Touchstone.

The purpose and value, then, of Rumi’s wisdom at this defining moment of human civilization is to orient us toward that which is completely and essentially human at a time when we are in danger of forgetting the meaning and purpose of our humanness.


Islam and Human Values

  Written by Kabir Helminski with input from Imam Bazargan, Robert Crane, Abdul Aziz Sachedina, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas.   St Anne's Mosque: When this haven, previously St. Anne's Convent, was purchased to be used as a mosque and Islamic center, a small place was created in the grounds for the few remaining nuns. This [...]


Rumi’s Language of The Soul & Humanity’s Defining Moment

Perhaps humanity as a whole has never been this close to waking up to its true Divine nature. The crisis of our times is forcing us to recognize the destructiveness of our egoism that projects itself on others, and to acknowledge the deep core of our being, which exists beyond the prison of the five senses and all the compulsions and fears these produce. Our inner being is the threshold to the spiritual world. Whole societies, cultures, and worlds float on that Ocean of Intelligence. That Ocean is also accessible within us.


Love Letters to Muhammad (1 of 11)

My intention in gathering these Letters, and putting the feeling around them into words, is to share the incredible luminosity and warmth of our Prophet that I experienced, and which are gifts in themselves. Far from being a distant or larger-than-life figure, it is his accessibility, his very human Being, that makes him so inspiring. He is a man as well as a messenger. And even though I may address him as “M,” it is Muhammad I fell in love with.


The Idea of Spiritual Training

Sufism is based on certain premises that are unfamiliar, if not foreign, to our contemporary environment in which transcendent realities have been relegated so far to the background of life that they are effectively ignored: The first of these is the idea that the soul itself needs to be educated and trained. . .


Islam and Human Values (Illustrated American Version)

This booklet is has been written by American Muslims to reach out to all Americans to express our support for the fundamental values of pluralism, tolerance, freedom, and human dignity. We unequivocally condemn terrorism in all forms, support freedom of conscience, and wish to make a positive contribution to American society. As a nation and as a human race we face many complex challenges. We cannot afford to misunderstand each other or be unnecessarily divided.


Little by Little

Kabir & Camille, as part of the group, Ruby (including Erika Luckett & Lisa Ferraro), read a poem and perform their original song "Little by Little" based on a Ghazel by Rumi.