In the Name of God, the Compassionate and Merciful

Say: “I counsel you one thing only:
Be ever conscious of standing before God,
whether you are in the company of others or alone…”
Surah Saba 34:46

In order that we may create the most beneficial environment for our retreat experience:

     We wish to establish an environment of integrity and respect and honoring of each other’s process.  In keeping with this we would like to ask that everyone maintain a regard for personal cleanliness, timeliness, and respect for personal needs for quiet and privacy.  We would like to remind everyone to remember the benefits of right speech.  That we may keep our atmosphere clear, let us be mindful that no harm come from our words.  In recognition that retreat time is a time for going inward deeply and that sensitive energies arise during that process, let us all be aware of and responsible for our actions and thoughts, and consider modesty of dress out of respect for ourselves and each other.  Since we wish to contain our energies and direct ourselves toward a common spiritual purpose, this gathering is not an appropriate place for the development of sexual relationships. We seek to honor, respect, and support all committed relationships within Threshold Society circles and the extended community, remembering to “contain our gaze” [24:30-31] and not to envy that which others may have been given [20:131], but to keep our focus on our spiritual work and our connection with our Lord, for remembrance of God is surely the greatest [29:45] and keep your connection and remain conscious of God that you may attain felicity [3:200].

     We recognize that in the process of coming to know ourselves sometimes difficult emotional or psychological issues arise.  While we are together in retreat energy intensifies, but there is much support that comes from the group being together.  If you have experienced any emotional or psychological difficulties recently or historically, it would be useful for us to be aware of these soon.  During the retreat, someone will always be available to help with any difficulty that may arise.  Participation in any scheduled events will be left to personal discretion.

     Out of respect for appropriateness and for the integrity of practices, we ask that particular practices that may be learned during our time together not be passed on to others without prior permission from the person who instructed you.

     In order for our own and the group experience to be as pure and balanced as possible, we ask that all participants refrain from using intoxicants.  Please do not bring drugs or alcohol onto retreat premises.

     May our time together strengthen our remembrance and may all we do be done with Beauty and done for God alone.

The Threshold Society Council