Trees are metaphysical witnesses, prophets from all the traditions as well as suppliers of refuge and gifts for all of creation.   Rumi and Shams address surrender, satisfaction, remembrance, real Friendship, and contentment.

To be in Paradise, stop complaining; greet whatever comes as if it’s our greatest happiness.  Say, “It’s just like that,” and keep going.

The Friend is generous and wise, removing obstacles even if we don’t know it, providing our daily portion from His granaries in the mysterious world of the beyond.  We are not given too much all at once so we don’t become rebellious and wayward.

We have two aspects.  One is forgetful.  It becomes wayward sometimes, absorbed with things that are pulling at us in the world.  The other has the capacity to be deeply intimate with the Beloved.

On God kneading the earth for forty dawns to create Adam, Mevlana notes how the kneading occurred at dawn.  If it had been at night, we would all be dark and heavy.  And if it had been in full daylight we’d all be so light.  But He did this at dawn, so that we are some of each.  Regarding the hadith “The faithful one is the mirror of the faithful one,” Mevlana says the word Mu’min is one of the names of God, but also applies equally to His servants.  “The mu’min is the mirror of the Mu’min,” means that God unveils Himself in the mirror.  Mevlana says when the sun shines in a mirror it can’t say anything but “I am the sun.”

Shams tells us that God asked from human beings surrender, satisfaction and remembranceSurrender is in acts of devotion.  Satisfaction is demonstrated through service and the seeker’s relationship to God.  Remembrance is knowledge of God.  If we wish to escape from hell, we should serve.  If we want to reach the garden, we should be obedient and surrender.  If we desire the intercession of the Prophet, we should make an intention.  God will show us His signs from the farthest horizon and within ourselves until we know the Truth.

The mystic never tires of recollecting The Friend and can never have enough of that Friendship.  Signs of a mystic are:  a heart occupied with the thought of God, a body that serves God and an eye that attempts to see God.

In community we can see through each other and be seen by each other.  Knowledge consists of a tongue that mentions God, a heart that thanks him/her, and a body capable of patience.  Four precious things are a rich person who is patient, a poor person who is content with his portion, a sinner who fears God, and a scholar who knows how to abstain.

We are to guard our religion through generosity and good character.  We are to be aware of greediness in wealth, giving from our possessions only out of the longing for the Face of the Beloved One.

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