The Threshold Society welcomes people interested in Sufism to our center in Louisville, Kentucky on certain Thursday evenings. (temporarily cancelled)

These gatherings begin promptly at 8:00 PM and run for about two hours and typically include silent meditation; sohbet, “spiritual conversation,” often on the subject of a monthly theme; music; and the form of chanting known as zhikr, “remembrance.”



These are people who have been recognized for their maturity, devotion, and creative contribution to the Society and the Mevlevi tradition. A Khalife has the full support of Shaikh Kabir and Camille, and has the right to initiate into the Mevlevi Order.

London: Mahmoud Mostafa

Portland, Oregon: Khadim Chishti:

Active Groups:

These are groups of six or more people who meet regularly to follow a format of study suggested by Threshold. They gather under the direction of one or more people recognized by the Society. The contact emails are listed below.

Bay Area, California, USA Zakiuddin McNulty:

Portland, Oregon, USA Khadim Chishti:

Washington, DC, USA Norma McOmber:

Woodstock, NY, USA Matthew Wright:

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA Debra Shakira Shatoff

Vancouver, Canada [Temporarily inactive]

Jakarta, Indonesia Ita Mucharam:

Islamabad, Pakistan Shazreh Hussain:

London, England Mahmoud Mostafa:

Manchester/Wilmslow, England Fatimah Ashrif:

Kendal, England Saimma Dyer:


Study Circles & Contacts

Istanbul, Turkey Aykut Akalin:

The Netherlands Zeliha Akdan:

Johannesburg, S. Africa Hasnayn Ebrahim:

Mexico Patzia

Peterboro, Ontario Patzia Gonzalez


See the UK page for more details