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The Threshold Society welcomes people interested in Sufism to our center in Louisville, Kentucky on certain Thursday evenings.

These gatherings begin promptly at 8:00 PM and run for about two hours and typically include silent meditation; sohbet, “spiritual conversation,” often on the subject of a monthly theme; music; and the form of chanting known as zhikr, “remembrance.”

If you wish to visit our community in the Bay Area, which now meets in Silicon Valley/San Jose, please RSVP via email and we will confirm and send directions:




These are people who have been recognized for their maturity, devotion, and creative contribution to the Society and the Mevlevi tradition. A Khalife has the full support of Kabir Dede and has the right to initiate into the Mevlevi Order.

London: Mahmoud Mostafa

Portland, Oregon: Khadim Chishti:

Study Groups:

These are groups of six or more people who meet regularly to follow a format of study suggested by Threshold. They gather under the direction of one or more people recognized by the Society. The contact emails are listed below.

Bay Area, California: Zakiuddin:

Portland, Oregon: Khadim Chishti:

Washington, DC: Norma McOmber:

New York:  Martin Bruner:

Mexico: See

Vancouver, Canada: Yvonne Brine:

Jakarta, Indonesia: Bisma:, Rani:

Islamabad, Pakistan: Shazreh Hussain:

The Netherlands: Zeliha:

London, England: Mahmoud:

Kendal, England: Saimma:

See the UK page for more details