TheThe Sultan Veled Walk; 2K. Illustration by Ingrid Schaar.Dervishes bowing to each other; 4K. Illustration by Ingrid Schaar. sheikh takes one step to the front of his post, bows his head, and begins to walk slowly around the semahane. The dervishes follow, circling the hall three times, and stopping to bow to each other at the sheikh’s post. As the dervishes bow they look between the eyebrows of the dervish opposite them and contemplate the divine manifestation within.


Shaikh bowing; 2K. Illustration by Ingrid Schaar.



This part of the sema is known as the Sultan Veled Walk, in honor of Rumi’s son, and symbolizes man’s identity and his place within a circle. After circling the hall the third time, the last dervish bows to the post and returns to his place as the sheikh takes his post.




 The semazens remove their cloaks; 4K. Illustration by Ingrid Schaar.The dervishes in their places; 4K. Illustration by Ingrid Schaar.

The semazens then bow, remove their cloaks, kiss them, and let them drop to the floor. In so doing, they leave their worldly attachments and prepare to turn for God. They return to their places and stand, arms crossed right over left at the chest.




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