Published by Threshold Books

Excerpted from The Most Beautiful Names


He is the donor of all, without conditions, without limits, without asking any benefit or return, giving everything to everyone, everywhere, always. He gives money to the poor, health to the sick, children to those who are barren, freedom to the trapped, knowledge to the ignorant.

From the smallest necessity to the greatest fortune, He is the creator of everything — of the one who is in need, his needs, and the satisfaction of his needs. If al-Wahhab were not such a giver, no one would receive anything, ever.

When al-Wahhab gives to you, no one can prevent that good from coming to you. And when He gives to someone else, no force in the world could divert that good to you.

Allah has created a creation of donors who give without expecting return. But because they are not the creators of the things given through their hands, they are but signs of Allah’s attribute of al-Wahhab. A man, like a tree, can give only so much to so few, for a limited time only. The ones who receive from them love them and are thankful to them. How much thanks, then, is due to the one who gives infinitely to all His creation?

A man gives, but is in need of a response, at least of recognition or thankfulness from the recipient. Above all, he needs to receive the thing in order to give it. A tree which gives fruit, a goat which gives milk, need care, water, food.

Allah needs nothing, so His is the true gift.


He is the Opener and the Solver, the Easer of all that is locked, tied and hardened. There are things that are closed to one. There are states and problems that are tied in a knot. There are hardened things that one cannot see through and pass through. Some are material things: professions, jobs, gains, possessions, placed, friends that are unavailable to one. There are also hearts tied in a knot with sadness, minds tied up in doubts or questions they are unable to answer.

Allah al-Fattah opens them all. There is nothing unavailable to the beloved servant of Allah, for whom al-Fattah opens all gates. No force can keep those doors locked. But if Allah does not open the doors of His blessings, no force can make those doors open. He has the key to the treasure of sacred secrets that is the heart of man, Allah’s very own house.

Stand at the gate of Allah’s mercy, and knock on the door of al-Fattah. He certainly will open it sooner or later. Pray and want things from Allah unceasingly, always. You are poor, He is Rich. You are in need, He is the Satisfier of needs. You are in the dark, He is the Light. If Allah wills you will seeal-Wahhab when he opens the door.

You, yourself, open your doors of mercy and generosity, help those who are weaker than you so that you will be saved from the tyranny of those who are stronger than you. Help the ones who are fallen, so that you will be helped when you fall. Above all, do not hurt anyone, because that is the key which locks the doors mercy and blessings.