The Coherence of Our Souls

~ Shaikh Kabir Helminski The Essence of Our Practice We place a great emphasis on being—the quality of attention and presence that we practice. Being is our capacity to be awake with full attention and an open heart. Being is also the source of coherence. Being is our capacity to connect the transcendent with the [...]

Aug 2018: True Being

Sharing Rumi with a wider world, exploring women of faith in London with Shaikha Camille, and theme reflections with Ajoy Datta...

On Divine Will, Human Will, and the Balance of Contemplation and Activism

Q: Sometimes I get confused between the conflict of ‘what will be will be,’ in light of the heedlessness of empires rising and falling, versus the concept of human collective consciousness to make a difference. I struggle between the concept of our free will, and igniting that with the right intention, while at the same time accepting that no matter how ever much it is lit with the right intention, even on a collective basis, ‘what will be will be.’

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