Threshold Society Theme for February 1996

We live in a culture preoccupied with materialism and amusement, with compulsive consumption and drudgery, with busyness and speed, with cynicism and individualism. We live in a culture that has lost its bearings and knows it, but does not know in which direction to turn. We all sense the loss of soul, the loss of an inner direction, and we are swimming against a tide of unconsciousness. Psychologically we are searching for antidotes to our numbness, loneliness, and depression. To ignore these conditions of modern life is only a form of denial.

At the same time a spiritual awakening is beginning from the hearts of all those who are receptive to the light of Reality. Human nature may be weak, but it is also good. Humans may be veiled, but their essence is divine. The sharing of love by those who are in touch with Reality is the greatest service that can be performed at this time, if only we would remember. Living in accord with Reality requires an awakened presence, attention to essentials, as well as trust and courage. Behind the veils of social norms, conventional interests, and the apparent business at hand, the Truth is waiting to be acknowledged in every moment. We can live otherwise than most of what we see around us; we must. We can receive our portion of God’s qualities and manifest Spirit. We can live lightly, avoid the melodramas of the nonessential, and keep the sparkle of the Friend in our eyes. We can find the courage to live in touch with Reality.

Calligraphy: ‘Gratefulness to Allah’ by Shaikh Muhammad Nubee