Threshold Society Theme for July and August, 1996
“The self-righteous person finds fault with the world and spreads fire in the name of religion. The religion of lovers is an inner fire which spreads only greenness.”

In our search for the Divine Truth we may forget that the real proof of our spirituality is in how we treat others, how we reflect the Divine Compassion in the world. While Allah has qualities of Power and Justice, the attributes of Mercy, Beauty, and Love overwhelm all other characteristics. So we should be, above all, sources of mercy, healing, and comfort in this world. Recently we have been reflecting on a story in Rumi’s Mathnawi, beginning in Book V, line 64,

[also in The Essential Rumi, “Muhammad and the Huge Eater,” p.64] which is a wonderful tale of Mercy. If we can learn to radiate this Mercy and Compassion toward others, we may experience that same Mercy and Compassion toward ourselves.

Image: ‘Angel’ by Psiouxe