Threshold Society Theme for October 1998

Look at how the porters struggle to carry the load;
Such effort is the way of those who can see the truth of things.

When you were younger,
you put your whole heart and soul into certain quests.

For the dervish each day is an education of the heart.
Each day the heart becomes more alive and more mature.

Paradise is encompassed by things we dislike.
Burdens are the foundation of ease,
And bitter things the forerunners of joy.

Just as the innocent child wipes the tablet clean
And then writes letters upon it,
The Sweetheart turns the heart to blood and tears,
And then writes the spiritual mysteries upon it.

The secret of the leaves is made evident by the fruit.
The secret of blood and sperm is made evident by the Completed Human Being.
The secret of death is made evident by the Resurrection.

Be led by an active heart.
The steed is made lean by a strong rider.

Painting by Yago Hortal.