Threshold Society Theme for March 1998
One form of remembering is to remember that we have given our selves to a tradition and that The Tradition is a source of energy and strength. Of course, in English tradition can mean as a little as accepted practice. But here we mean something sacred, and beyond forms–a guiding, protecting power in the Unseen. Mevlana kept a journal which was never published, but parts of which are available to us. One day he made this entry: I came home exhausted. I couldnt lift up my own head, and I asked myself, What is the point of all this? I work like a donkey, and at night I am dead tired. What is the point? The next entry into his journal: The sun rises in the morning.

We have the responsibility to stand on our own feet and take responsibility, and we must never forget this. God is not responsible; we are. Sometimes we may have to exhaust ourselves. At the same time, we are held by the Tradition we have sincerely given ourselves to.