I think there are three main points that I took out from this trip, namely:

1. The main purpose of this path is not to attain mystical states, rather the aim is the perfection of human character.

2. We get exactly what we need at the exact moment we need it. Therefore have complete faith in the Will of God.

3. We need other people, the group, to be reflectors of ourselves. We sometimes grow the most, and learn the most by having others conceptualize and verbalize that which we feel, yet do not yet understand.

There were many, many, many other things which had a very profound effect on me personally, however the magnitude of these points – the first two especially in the day to day living of my life since the return has been the most profound. That it really is not about fancy states, philosophical debates and all else if we cannot BE better humans, serving the Will of God. That the focus should shift from viewing the external cosmos (universe) as the macrocosm rather its what is inside of you that is the macrocosm. This trip was the light that broke through all the barriers of preconceived notions!