We, We, We

We were taken on a journey within a journey.
We had seen the pilgrims off and left the ascetics behind in their retreat
We were neither in this world nor the next;
We were at the threshold of Unity.
We saw the subtle as apparent and knew the language of impressions
We were drunk, sober and drunk again on a single glance
We were sown with seeds from eternity for the years to come.
We were students who were taught before we arrived for class
We saw form pouring out with beauty it could not contain
We became a contact for love and found love in every exchange
We were given new eyes to see with and a new inner life.
We saw the Divine in each other and the Divine saw us though us
We were welcomed at the tavern, our I-ness was taken at the door
We heard Jesus’ silence in David’s singing whilst seated at the table of Mustapha
Saqib Be-aware! this is the kaba of lovers and the menu tonight is the secret of Shams of Tabiriz!
With such heart melting adab is this wine served, that even a hypocrite like yourself can taste ‘We’