Basics of Practice

Threshold Glossary

~ Kabir Helminski, 2022 Definition of a definition: Some of the following definitions are offered for linguistic consistency and clarity; some of these also carry a teaching. For example, the definition of a “dervish”: one who stands at the threshold between slavery and freedom. “A definition has to cover all kindred aspects of what is [...]

Sustaining Presence in Zhikr

In order that these practices should not become too mechanical, I sometimes suggest that a student begin with a clear intention to recite 100 of any zhikr with full presence. If you find yourself at some point having lost presence for more than one La illaha il Allah, for instance, begin again from the beginning. It is good to have tesbih beads for this exercise. Don't worry if you blank out for a second or two. Noone's concentration is perfect. But if you find yourself counting beads and you know that you have not been present for one or more beads, then start again.

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