A Fortunate Fall

Let's review the sequence of events that led Adam into this world, to clarify their inner significance. First God disclosed the divine presence to Adam by giving him existence, Adam came to know God through this and called out, "O desiring One!" Then God gave knowledge of the divine to Adam through divine commands deciding that approaching the tree was forbidden; Adam came to know God through this and called out, "O deciding One!"

The Dog

Story of the vow made by the dogs every winter that when next summer comes they will build a house for the winter.

The Thief’s drum

Story of the thief who was asked, "What are you doing at the bottom of this wall at midnight?" and replied, "I am beating a drum."

The Blind Man

Story of the Blind old man's reading the Qur'an in front of him and regaining his sight when he read.

The Bird’s Wise Counsels

Story of the captive bird which gave the following injunctions: do not feel sorrow for what is past, think about taking precaution for the present need, and do not spend time in repenting.

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