Dear Friends,

These are the dates for our Zikr Sundays through September. All begin at 3 pm.

We’ll be able to have meetings on June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th, September 8th, Inshallah.

Summer is a busy time for us, and so our local meetings will be monthly until October. From May to October we are offering four retreats/journeys (Turkey, Italy, UK, CA, as well as a monthly Mysterion class and the first Sunday of the month international zoom calls (see The California retreat (see in San Juan Bautista will be September 27-29, the weekend close to Mevlana’s birthday remembrance.



June 24, 2024 Sincerity and Character (Akhlaq). Main sohbet begins around 17:30 minutes.


May 26, 2024 The Circles of Remembrance. Main sohbet begins around 17:15 minutes.


September 10, 2023. Develop Being through Remembrance, Intention, Love

Guided meditation


Sohbet: This talk is an important survey of essential teachings, which hopefully everyone in our local community will listen to at least once.


June 11, 2023   Being, Knowledge, Love   (sohbet begins at about 29 minutes)

What is a complete teaching? On the importance of balancing being, knowledge, and love.