At Threshold we are continually looking for effective ways to share the beauties of the Sufi path.

Kabir Helminski has selected some of Rumi’s most beautiful and inspiring words to present an overview of the spiritual journey: from mindfulness and presence, to heartfulness, to intimacy with the Divine.

The outline of the course

Three pre-recorded webinars with Kabir, each approximately two hours long, accompanied by a complete transcript, and a document containing the poetry selections. This is a self-study course so you can go at your own pace, and reflect on each session as long as you wish.

Each session has a discussion area where participants can engage with each other and share their experiences. You will also have the opportunity to connect in quarterly live Zoom calls with Kabir to discuss your progress and ask any questions. The first quarterly Zoom call is scheduled for April 25 at 11 am East Coast time (4 pm UK time).

These three videos were originally offered through the Open Center in New York to a group of spiritual seekers from various traditions. It was a lively and deep exploration of Sufi practice and Rumi’s teachings. We decided that the content of this course would be of benefit to our Threshold community and a wide range of spiritual seekers.


The recommended donation is $50, but there are also discount coupon codes for anyone in need. Our aim is to make this accessible to everyone and we appreciate your support. This course is offered through the Thinkific platform.