~ offered by Camille H. A. Helminski

Numerous keys are available to us to open the deeper meaning that lives within us. The words of the Holy Qur’an are such keys. The original Arabic resonances bestow grace through portals of expansive meaning, but even in translation some of the inherent blessing can be known. We offer here a journey with these meanings. Please note that within this text, each new line indicates a new verse (ayah, “sign”).

When we are struck by the Lightning of Love during storms of intense grace, or when a key is provided to open an inner doorway for Divine Grace—that through which our own intrinsic spirit was formed—meanings may pour forth from within us, nourishing us afresh. We are not merely a molded substance of earth and water and synapses, but palpable beings of heart divined by the Eternal Spirit from which we were created. We know more than we know.

As Shams of Tabriz, the beloved mentor of Jalaluddin Rumi has said, “the Quran is a love-letter.” May it continue to be, as it has been for many centuries, of blessed companionship, an opening towards Divine Reality, for all who approach it with an open heart.

May it be love!

~ Camille

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With the Name of God, the Infinitely Compassionate and Continually Merciful—
Praise is God’s, Sustainer and Cherisher of all worlds—
the Infinitely Compassionate and Continually Merciful,
Sovereign of the Day of Recognition—
You alone do we worship and serve;
You alone do we ask for help.
Guide us on the clear path,
the path of those who have received Your blessing;
not the path of those who have brought stringency upon themselves,
nor of those who wander into confusion.