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The Mysterion School 2024

The Mysterion School is an opportunity to experience the living tradition of Sufism, to refine our knowledge, and to discover a structure to support our spiritual practice.

Al Hasib, The Reckoner

Ya Hasib One year ending,another opening—You give us momentsto take accountof all the passagesof our lives—Ya Hasib,You who knowthe good and the harm,and the secretsof all hearts.You recognizewhen we are fed,and when we are hungryfor love,and how our actionscompensatefor what we feelwe lack,and yet,You are always here,with Your rectifying balance,Ya Muqsit,You who pour munificencefrom the [...]

Monthly Essential Practices of Mevlevi Spirituality for 2024

January: Ya Nur. Our original food is the light of God. February: Taqwa: Human will is a gift of the divine. May we use it wisely. March: Fasting is meditation of the body for the sake of God alone. April: Fasting of the heart is restraint from unworthy concerns and worldly thoughts.  

Monthly Essential Practices of Mevlevi Spirituality for 2023

Jan: Purified attention is the light the soul casts on existence. Feb: The spirit is gladdened by an I-ness without “I” and springs away from the I-ness of the world. ~ Rumi Mar: This thirst in our souls is the magnetism of the Water. ~ Rumi Apr: Let your soul take on the work, and [...]

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