Ya Hasib

One year ending,
another opening—
You give us moments
to take account
of all the passages
of our lives—
Ya Hasib,
You who know
the good and the harm,
and the secrets
of all hearts.
You recognize
when we are fed,
and when we are hungry
for love,
and how our actions
for what we feel
we lack,
and yet,
You are always here,
with Your rectifying balance,
Ya Muqsit,
You who pour munificence
from the eternal
point of Sustenance
deep within these hearts;
invisible streams
of Grace arrive
through the vortex
of Your Love.
What is this magnetism
that lets us know
if we are true
or false?
An inner Compass,
a taste,
that enables us
to reckon
each day,
each moment,
not waiting
for some distant
but recognizing
the possibility
of awakening—
and keep your connection
that you may find
Gratitude quakes through us
for all the ways
You gift us,
with knowing
and capacities
for standing
and bowing
before Your Face
that everywhere
is seeing us
and allowing
us to witness
that Infinite Generosity
of Your
All Comprehending
Ya Wasi, Ya Karim,
Ya Basir, Ya Hasib,
Ya Muqsit, Ya Shahid,
Ya ‘Alim, Ya Shakur,
Ya Mumin,
Ya Mu‘id, Ya Wadud.
O You who refresh and restore everything
with Your Overwhelming Love.

Ya Hasib, O Reckoner,
Ya Wasi, O All Encompassing One,
Ya Karim, O Infinitely Generous One,
Ya Basir, O All Seeing One,
Ya Muqsit, O Keeper of the Balance,
Ya Shahid, O Witness, Ya ‘Alim, O All Knowing One,
Ya Shakur, O Grateful One, Ever Responsive to Gratitude,
Ya Mumin, O Most Faithful One,
Ya Mu‘id, O Restorer, Ya Wadud, O Infinitely Loving One

To God belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth.
And whether you bring into the open what is in your minds or conceal it,
God will call you to account for it.


And God is sufficient as Reckoner.

With that which God has bestowed on you
seek the Home of the Hereafter,
yet do not forget your portion in this world—
do good as God has been good to you
and do not seek to do harm in the land.


God watches over everything.
When you are greeted with a greeting of peace,
answer with an even better greeting, or at least with its like.
Truly, God keeps account of all things.


Wherever you turn, there is the Face of God.

And keep your connection, and remain conscious of God,
so that you might attain felicity.


In the Name of God the Infinitely Compassionate and Most Merciful:
When the earth shakes with her final convulsion,
and the earth yields up her burdens,
and the human being cries out: “What is the matter with her?”—
on that Day she will declare her tidings:
your Sustainer will have inspired her.
On that Day all human beings will come forward separately
to be shown their deeds.
Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good see it!
And anyone who has done an atom’s weight of harm shall see that.


“O our Sustainer! Behold, we heard a voice calling to faith:
‘Have faith in your Sustainer!’ —and so we came to have faith.
O our Sustainer! Forgive us, then, our sins, and erase our ill deeds;
and return us to You with the gently righteous and just!
O our Sustainer, grant us that which You have promised us
through Your messengers,
and do not let us be disgraced on the Day of Standing Straight!
Truly, You never fail to fulfill Your promise!”
And thus does their Sustainer respond to their prayer:
“I shall not let the labors of any of you be lost,
whether man or woman: each of you is a part of the other.
And so, as for those who left behind or were driven from their homes,
who suffer hurt in My Way, and struggle, as though unto death—
I shall most certainly clear from them their ill deeds,
and shall surely bring them into gardens
through which running waters flow,
as recompense from the Presence of God—
for from the Presence of God
is the most beautiful of recompense.”