Sufi AlchemyReflections on the theme for November, two lines from a Ghazel of Hafiz:

“Wash your hands of the cheap metals of existence like the mature,
so that you may find the philosopher’s Stone of love and become gold yourself.”

The ghazel describes a quite extraordinary process and experience of transformation, a whole spiritual teaching. Washing our hands of what is false and unreal, the Sufi transforms through love. One who has travelled a certain road far enough will have experiences to associate with the lines of this poem.

We deepen in awareness so that our hearts become capable of experiencing the Divine Presence, of what is truly real, the light of God. The lover of truth cultivates this experience, built on very reliable practices. We learn to open up a resonance with the Divine and with the Masters of Love.

To become the light of God is to pass through nothingness. It is beautiful to live creatively, with purpose, knowing that the best we can be is a reflector of some Infinite Unknown. We learn to increasingly trust this more than what we thought was ourselves.

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