Dimensionless Point

The sohbet suggests consistency and trust in simple practices that take us into the dimensionless point, the radiant light, the diamond in the spaciousness of the heart.  The dimensionless point is the portal to Divine Unity.

We are encouraged to be a lover of Unity and abandon separation.  Separation can be motivated by ego trying to defend itself, make itself special or important, gain some advantage at the expense of others, or simply believe it’s ultimately autonomous and has no responsibility to life around it.  The ego is not the ultimate unit of reality.  We were all created from one soul.  Our psyche shares elements with all of humanity. Every attribute of our consciousness and will comes from that One Source that we are doing our best to love and remember.

There are passages in this sohbet from the living tradition that has been informed by and inspired by a great line of human beings.  The Divine knowledge translates down to the level of ordinary human relationships.  We learn the most perceptive are the most joyful, the most joyful are the most perceptive.  Being perceptive is being aware of God’s gifts and striving to express God’s gifts.

The Meaning of Sainthood from The Book of Character suggests that embodying the Names of God allows one to be sovereign of one’s nafs.  Human-ness is exemplified purposefully.  There will be wrath when there is supposed to be wrath, silence when there is supposed to be silence.   The whole range of responses is available.  There is discernment to know that a response is correct.  We recognize “There is no power or agency but with God.”  When we sometimes feel our incapacity  Mevlana says “Know there’s an Incapacitator.”  One can develop sovereignty–a mastery that appropriately wields Divine attributes in relationships, transactions and unexpected circumstances–while knowing where its Source lies.   Mevlana encourages us–urges us–toward becoming fully human.

Passages on courtesy and chivalry from the Book of Character persuasively convey the beauty of being so human, so basic and so precious.  Five things express the beauty of a being:  when the poor appear rich; when the hungry appear satisfied; when those with heavy hearts appear joyful; when love is shown to an enemy; when feebleness does not appear despite fasting the whole day and praying the whole night.

A list Charles Upton compiled from his reading and studies called the Virtues of the Fatah or young knight provides encouragement and a little bit of light to shine on our lives.

Shams’ story,  The Carnelian, speaks strongly of the love of worship and its effects on a pure heart.  The word for blood in Persian, dem,  means three things:  blood, breath and moment.  The word boom means this.  There is a beautiful story in the sohbet where the Sufi phrase— Dem boom, dem boom, dem boom, dem dem boom, dem boom, dem is used.

Duration:  1 hour

Sound Quality:  Good