Kabir and Camille read Rumi passages taken from the new day book.   A connection is  made with the perspective arising from the passages by thinking a little bit  about every day life and our everyday concerns.  A brief discussion about the things that preoccupy our hearts and minds helps really appreciate what Mevlana is saying and what he’s offering.  This begins with a recognition that most of us spend a lot of time each day trying to meet our responsibilities, doing the work we have to do, keeping up the communications we have to keep up. We ask questions like “Am I doing my job right?”   “Am I fulfilling my responsibilities?” “Am I doing my work as well as I should/could do it?” This is the focus of much of our everyday consciousness.  The passages clarify that there is much more than this. Mevlana takes us far beyond our everyday concerns by putting them into a perspective that’s quite shockingly different from the way we often see things.   What’s shockingly different is that upon entering that dimension, that Reality, all the questions are answered and put into the perspective of trust and faith.  We can even say a kind of bliss results.  If we know that we are of that other dimension, and if we in fact experience that Dimensionless Reality–which is pure abundance, guidance, beneficence and love– we can suddenly see differently all the things that we’re so prone to be distracted by, to worry over, to be fearful about, to try to strategize, to try to plan.

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