Spiritual Completion Principles

Kabir and Camille share principles for completion, for communion with the Absolute, true freedom while living in servanthood, and the critical role of community.  We can live continually in a vibration of Love, instead of dominated by our own nafs and its continual requirements and many demands.  Fasting during Islam’s Ramadan—as well as undertaking other complementary or alternative sacrifices at that time—gets us into synchronicity with Spirit.  Sacrificing during Ramadan and in community allows us to listen to something deeper than the immediate desires of the nafs.  There is unique Support for us during this month.  The principles for completion include precise definitions, wisdom from Gaibe, Shaykh Fadhlalla, Murat Yagan, and guidance from the Quran, hadith from the Prophet, and the Circassian tradition.

Happiness is the result of the synchrony between the self and spirit. Spirituality is the movement, refinement, and expansion from the purely physical to a subtler state of Reality. Everything draws its life force from a Single Source.  It’s only the nafs that get in the way of knowing that Source.  Islam’s Ramadan provides the shock necessary to shake us out of complacency.  Complacency is one of the most insidious qualities of the nafs because it goes unnoticed or even justified.  The process of human completion requires a dedicated, determined and committed aspirant to be taught; a valid and authentic teacher; an uncontaminated and unadulterated teaching; and a group of people developed and matured in the form of a community.  The most important of these four principles is community.  Community is the soil in which the human being can transform.  This is because so many aspects of the process of transformation depend on the combination of energies, the purity of heart of the people involved, the differences among the people involved, the challenges of uniting in a common cause, the challenges of letting go of one’s egoism and one’s determination to live in control of one’s life exclusively for oneself.  In other words, the overcoming of the nafs which block our connection with the One Source.  This reiterates the first principle: that all of us draw our life energy and therefore our spiritual energy from a Single Source.

The extraordinary thing is that the completion process doesn’t all depend on your effort and your will.  Islam’s Ramadan is a time when all of our practices and blessings for all those practices are intensified.  The reason for this is because of the subtlization of energies that is possible in this process.  We all influence each other and raise each other’s level to some extent.  The work of any one of us helps all of us.  Extraordinary help for our struggles to sacrifice is available during Ramadan.  It is an intensifying, worldwide energy that uplifts us.  Peace descends after sacrifice and embracing the accompanying struggle.  Letting go of the nafs’ attempts to avoid sacrifice, and attain happiness synchronizes us with Spirit.

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