Self and Selflessness are some notes made by Kabir for a retreat of the same name, February 14-16, 2014.

The Science of Witnessing is a revised paper by Kabir summarizing some essential aspects of spiritual psychology: theawakened self and the false selves, and our relationship with Divine Intelligence.

Sufism as Applied Spirituality is a very brief summary of the role of community in spiritual transformation.

HADITH a Reevaluation is a valuable introduction to the issues  and problems related to the hadith.

Jewish and Islamic Law is a Masters Thesis on the subject of how Jewish Law, written mainly in Arabic at the time of Imam Shafi, became the basis of Islamic Shari`ah. It was at this time that a certain legalistic mentality entered Islam and may have fundamentally distorted the true Sunnah of Muhammad.

 THE MUSLIM JESUS   A talk by Cambridge scholar Tim Winter, (Abdul Hakim Murad).